Why Option Langues?

By Anne-Marie Perrier, first year student

Before Option Langues…

When I was in High School, my cousin Emilie studied in Interior Design. Both of us were really artistic girls. I was impressed by all those drawings. Every single night we had a lot of fun to play The Sims game. Since then I told myself that I will be an Interior Designer! So in 2010 I started my program at Marie-Victorin and I liked it a lot! After the first year I was still interested by this program. At the third semester I started to ask myself because I did not like the fact that I was always in front of the computer in an office drawing for people with a really complicated computer program.

Second plan

By then, I started to look at the other programs at university or college. When I saw the dance program I thought about it because I am a dancer since I am eight years old. But when I discovered the Option Langues program I changed my mind right away!

Arts and Letters Option Langues

When I was looking for a new career I look at the Club Med website and there was the G.O job that I have found really interesting! It is kind of similar to the session-long abroad in Puebla. I started to look deeper to the Option Langues program; I looked at the videos on the website, the courses, the immersion and the career possibilities. All those research had positive results! I decided to change program and become a translator.

My fears

Before registering I was really excited by the immersion, but then I met my boyfriend and I thought that I would be far from my mother, that I could not work and I did not know what I would do in my free times. Since one month I am very excited to leave for Mexico, it will be an amazing experience to know more about their culture, the way they look at life, the way they live and I will know the language perfectly after this trip!


To conclude, I have chosen Option Langues because I love to learn about other cultures, and I love to learn other languages and visit other countries. It will be an amazing session next September with my fun classmates!

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