Why Option Langues?

By Clardia Behrmann, 1st year student

Option Langues in Marie-Victorin is not very old but very interesting. Here’s my perspective of this awesome program and how it is.

So maybe you’re all wondering what is so interesting about Option Langues in Marie-Victorin? This unique program is a great way to discover a new language and culture. It opens someone’s mind to the rest of the world. It is also a excellent way to visit Mexico and live the life in this wonderful country. Option Langues makes a person perspective of life totally change and improve. This program is a fun journey with a group of nice people.

What do we do?

During my time in Option Langues, I’ve learned many things. From the courses to the different projects that we had to do during the first semester, we had a lot to do but at the end it was worth it.The main struggle for many students, including myself, was and still is today, spanish class. Spanish is a very interesting language but at times is very difficult to follow. But by putting time and efforts in our work, we get through it. Especially, with the study trip in Puebla, Mexico, our Spanish have to be on point.

Hola Puebla!

In September, the students of Option Langues will have a study trip in the city of Puebla in Mexico. The trip will have a duration of two months and a half and will help the students to speak fluently Spanish. During the study trip, the students will have to live in a mexican family and will be able to learn in depth about their culture and traditions. Don’t get me wrong, this trip is not vacation ! The students still go to school and have homework as if they were back at home, in Canada.

Puebla- Mexico http://www.mexicoonmymind.com/

The end…

Option Langues is a great way to open our eyes to the world and to learn about other cultures. Learning another language and visiting a country is a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should witness. So why don’t you come next year ?



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