What Should I Bring?

By Audrey Patenaude, first year student

This week, the meeting was about recommendations for what to pack in our luggage. Well, it may depend of which kind of traveler you are. As for me, I have to live 10 weeks in a family that I know nothing about in a very hot weather country. I guess that taking precautions isn’t too much. So, here are suggestions about what to bring or not:

  • Medicine

I advise bringing only what you think might be useful. We should not be crazy over it. A first-aid bag is also welcome, just in case that you hurt yourself. For me, I think to bring only what I use to take usually and extra medicine for the country’s minor diseases. If something happens, there are still pharmacies over there!

  • Clothes


I recommend clothes adapted to the weather and the circumstances. If you will be working manually, I don’t suggest bringing only pretty clothes. As well, if you’re going to a cold place, you should not only bring t-shirts and shorts, you’ll get sick. Think of what you really need, bring little extras if you’re not sure and there you go!



  • Electronics and Technology

It’s common that our society loves technology. Nowadays, technology is everywhere. But still, there might be differences between countries. An example is the sockets. To make sure that you can charge your electronic devices, you should also bring an adaptor. It makes your devices fit any kind of sockets and can be used worldwide!

  • To Avoid

Avoid bringing too many liquids and products. Shampoo and soap can be found almost everywhere as well as many other bath products. Avoid also bringing too much stuff. There will always be a place to buy what you want. Leave some place in your luggage for the objects you want to bring back, like souvenirs.

If you hesitate about what to take with you in your hand luggage, I suggest to do as you want. If you think that you need something rather than another, bring it with you. For me, who’s going for 10 weeks, there are so many things I want to bring that I don’t know where to start. But I know one thing for sure: it’s going to be a memorable experience!

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