The Scots And The English

By Anne-Marie Perrier, 1st year student

The Scots

The fur trade in Canada

After the Seven Year’s War, French-Canadians took the lead of the fur trade in earnest. It formed profitable partnerships and trading agreements with the Scottish team. The fur trade was very affordable for the French-Canadians. It brought a lot of money to Canada and served to help the Industrial Revolution.


Their success

Peter Redpath

Scottish had a better education and it was higher education and this is why they built McGill University. Peter Redpath was the main beneficiary and John was giving to religious and social charities. Scottish Montrealers  headed the companies who have built the railroads in Canada from east to west!

John Redpath






The English


The English came from Canada, more from England. They came mostly for economic reasons because many people were unemployed. They were attracted by the offer of free land. They were basically loyalists. A lot of them went to Upper Canada for the farming work.

Economic life

The first wave of English went mostly to the farming population in the rural and to the skilled artisan population in the towns. After the World War II, many of them became professionals, technicians or individuals artisans. English made many contributions to a lot of Canadian institutions like CBC. They still provide our institutions sometimes.

What English have brought to Canada?



They have influenced our literature culture by their traditions and models like Shakespeare. A lot of Canadian institutions have been influenced by the English with the traditions of the COMMON LAW. Private schools come from the English public school to maintain their traditional class system.




Both the English and the Scottish have brought something good to Canada in an economic way by giving money to institutions or funding them; and in a culture way by bringing their own culture and influencing ours positively.

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