The Irish in Montreal

by Mélissa Gavidia, 1st year student

The Irish population is not the same as the one back in the time when we became a British colony. So what happened to them? Why would they settle down here with French-Canadians? What have they influenced in our beautiful city ? Let’s find out!

Back in time!

The Irish came here at three specific moments :

1 - After the British Conquest

2 - After the war between America and Britain

3 - The Great Famine

They came to New France in the early 1800′s after the British conquered the French’s territory. They also came after the war between the Americans and the British in 1776. They settled down here because English was spoken by the British and Scottish. Also because French-Canadians were catholics. I think this photo is ironic , because of The Great Famine they suffered in the 1840′s. The Great Famine was the period when the potatoes had a disease and the population didn’t have food to eat. So , people decided to come here to have a better life for them and their children.


  • Around 500 ,000 Quebecers are Irish descendants
  • The Irish population came also with the French
  • They worked on the Canal Lachine and Victoria bridge
  • Names like Charest , Duccepe , Beaudoin  and others are Irish names
  • Around 1 million to 2 million people died coming here

Their influence

Like I said before , they worked on infrastructures. If it wasn’t for their hard work we wouldn’t have the Lachine Canal and the Victoria Bridge. They also have established schools and other things that is still there nowadays. We still celebrate the St-Patrick’s parade on March 17th. It’s a big day in Montreal and we celebrate it even if we are not Irish. That day , everyone is Irish youppi!!!!! Here is a video to show you what happened last year.

I never went to this parade in my whole life! I think I  will go this year if I have time . Would you?

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