The Health Seminar

By Myriam St-Hilaire, 1st year student


It is really important to be aware of the different diseases existing in a country before traveling. That is why last Tuesday, on April 9th we met Linda Forest from the ‘’Clinique santé-voyage de Montréal’’ during a health seminar. This clinic is specialized in infectious and tropical diseases.

During this seminar, we received a list of recommended vaccines to get before our trip to Puebla (Mexico) and also a list of medications that we should bring with us down there.

Most of the vaccines required have already been received at school when we were younger. As example, Hepatis A and Hepatis B. If not, a combined vaccine (A+B ) is suggested. Another one is strongly advised to prevent Typhoid, caused by a bacterium in food.

Furthermore, we have learnt about precautions related to food and water to avoid dehydration and digestive problems. For food, we have to be careful with dairy products and look if it is written UTH (high temperature). We also have to be careful with liquids mostly with water. Tap water must be avoid in any form ( Juice, cocktail, ice).

Another point really important which we not consider enough to be dangerous: the sun. Of course we all know that sunscreen can protect us, but which ingredients we should be looking for to get the most powerful sunscreen, most people are not aware of it.

The last part of our seminar was about bugs. Wearing long and clear clothes, using products without perfume and apply mosquito repellent are the best way to get bugs away.

Bugs should be considered seriously because they transmit a lot of parasites such as Malaria transmitted by mosquito.  The most viral disease transmitted by bugs to human is the Dengue.

Clinical Features and Pathogenesis of Dengue

The Dengue causes symptom similar to flu and sometimes hemorrhagic fever. Unfortunately, they are no medications to get rid of it so we must be careful and use the advices mentioned above.



After this seminar, we are more than ready to live an healthy and safe experience.



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