Leonard Cohen and theater?

By Clardia Behrmann, 1st year student

On April 10th , a wonderful play was presented at the Centaur Theatre Company where many songs of the one and only montrealer, Leonard Cohen were put on the spotlight. Dance Me to the End On/Off Love was a deep and personal representation of dance, music and art.



The Centaur Theatre Company located in Old Montreal, is the largest English theatre company in the city of Montreal. It was founded in 1969 by Maurice Podbrey and before being a theater, was the Old Stock Exchange Building. The Company is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to developping, creating, producing and presenting differents types of plays. The play that we saw is called Dance Me to the End On/Off Love. It was created by a Danish Dance Theatre in Denmark.

Dance Me to the End On/Off Love : my reaction


Last wednesday, our class of Option Langues went to the Centaur Theatre to experience a whole new genre of art : Dance Theatre. The performance that we saw was totally new to me and I was really surprised by it. I didn’t really knew what to expect when the show first started. The movements of the dancers and the passion put in the choregraphies were so beautiful to watch that I felt like it was unreal. The voices of the musicians singing to Leonard Cohen’s successful hits were incredible. I didn’t really know his songs so I couldn’t really relate like the people in the audience but it was still beautiful. The fact that sometimes the performers were naked on the stage was a bit strange but when I see it with an artistic point of view, it was special to watch because we felt all the emotion. The poetry of the play was also very deep. I think that it was a wonderful tribute to Mr. Leonard Cohen.


I recommend this play to artistic people or to Leonard Cohen’s fans because sometimes the play was hard to understand but you can still appreciate the show. I really enjoyed the show and I am very happy that I had the chance to see it.




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