An Enriching Meeting

By Marie-Thaïs Tam, 1st year student

For most of us, students in Option Langues at Cégep Marie-Victorin, leaving in September for two months and an half will bring many firsts. First travel without our families, first time in a country where we will be surrounded by people who don’t speak our language; it will be total disorientation. How can you cure or at least deal with it?

The Meeting

On March 28th, a group of students in francisation greeted us in their class so we could ask questions and they did the same. I wanted to know how they felt when they came here, how they adapted to this new country that is so different than theirs. We entered a small class where desks and chairs had been placed for us to be comfortable.

The Questions

Everyone asked various types of questions; from how they felt when they arrived to “Why do the Quebecois want independence so badly?”. I always believed that the best way to know about something is to ask the right person; the one who has experience about the subject of your interrogation.


Sadly, after two hours of discussion with four wonderful people, who answered all our questions honestly and with patience, we had to leave. It is a little bit cliché to say this, but it really was a great experience. The students were welcoming, the conversation was flowing and time passed by so fast, because we were having so much fun. I will never forget the good advice they gave us and how helpful they will be to me.

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